The Support Through Housing Team (STHT)


Wrap-around Support:


We assist clients in accessing community supports that help reduce barriers to housing. Individuals and families improve their lives through counselling, addiction treatment, legal and/or financial assistance, shelter options, basic necessities, education and/or employment opportunities.


Transitional Supportive Living:


STHT partners with Wood Buffalo Housing and Development Corporation to house clients in a transitional supportive apartment building, until they are ready to live independently and find stable housing in the community.


Outreach Support:

Whether clients are couch-surfing or staying at shelters, our Outreach Worker meets one-on-one with each client to gain an understanding of their barriers to housing, and determine action steps to address these barriers. Clients are guided to set personal goals towards health and self-sufficiency, and given the resources necessary to take action.


Life Skills Coaching:


Every STHT client has access to basic living skills through explicit instructions and direct experience, which may include, but not be limited to:

- Household cleaning and maintenance

- Budgeting

- Personal hygiene

- Time Management

- Parenting

- Basic meal preparation including but not limited to: budgeting, nutritional information, shopping, safe food handling, cooking, and safe food storage.

- Volunteerism, citizenship, community pride and being a good neighbor

- Problem solving and decision making






Referrals to STHT:


For more information, and to refer a client or self-refer, please contact:

Amanda Crawford, Program Coordinator

( O) : 780-791-0077 ext.3007

(C) : 780-381-8478

Fax: 780-743-4564

Success Stories


Client Testimonial:


"Everyone is so supportive and helpful. I am so blessed to be involved with STHT. I am so grateful. This is a wonderful program and is helping me and my son and our quality of life. The support and referrals are priceless. I felt so isolated and depressed before and feel so much better now. I would love more support and help for taking my son out in the community. For example, he is special needs and loves swimming. To have help with taking him swimming or other outings."